Coaching is a common vehicle, it really doesn’t matter what area of your life it is, it helps fill your toolbox so you can build that foundation deal with your career, your relationships—because it’s all relationships, it all is, right? Your career is based on relationships; your marriage is based on relationships, friendships. It helps with personal development. So I think the best way to describe that has just been the construction of a solid foundation.

Doug B.

One of the things that my coach had me do was to view myself at my 50th birthday party, and to write, from the perspective of my wife, what I would hope that she would say. That was an incredible experience for me, one of the most meaningful experiences that I had because I was able to have a vision of the future. I saw into the future what I hope that my would feel about me when I am 50, and the things that she said felt so good to hear that it made me now come back to the present and want to start doing those things in my life.

Sean D.

For me coaching really helped me focus in on what I want to accomplish in this life, what my goals are, but most importantly what my mission statement is; to encompass how I want to focus on my goals and my relationship with my husband and my children, and what my impact on my community can be. So for me, it was the mission statement, and setting the values and the various goals, that’s how coaching really helped me focus.

Felice M.

I never really made any more than $30,000.00 per year my first four years in my financial planning career. The very first year I met my coach, through working with him and being accountable to myself and making changes in all aspects of my life and keeping good balance I actually made about $100,000.00 the very first year that I was with my coach. The second year I was with my coach I made about $150,000.00.

Dave M.

You know how people say, “I just needed to hear it from you”? Thats Kip. He has a way of explaining things that you’ve heard many times before, but in a way that you actually hear them…meaning they finally stick and you have a desire to do them. Kip has a vast breadth of experience in helping people help themselves. His constant persuasive but professional approach allows you to work things out in your mind and heart. But the most important part is that you can actually have a plan to discover what truly drives you and understand how that can help you accomplish anything you set your mind to. I highly recommend Kip as a tremendous resource for creating lasting change for the better.

Justin J.